A Network to Redesign the World

With the power of Individuals, Organizations, and Companies Together.


Our members pride themselves on being on the bleeding edge of their fields, constantly encouraging innovation as a daily routine.


Everything that is done, is done with security in mind. In todays world, dilligance pays for itself time and time again.


The devil is in the details, and every detail is important. By being detail oriented our members bring a new level of care.

The Organizers

Meet the Team

Meet the movers and shakers of our network. These team members are responsible for bringing our members together, keeping them engaged, and keeping them focused on the mission.

Christopher Howard

Software Developer

Taking on lead roles in the software world, Christopher will take on any challenge and lead the team into victory.

James Isaacks

Project Manager

From retail to tech, virtual reality to academia, James can and has taken the lead for projects of all kinds, with the strongest of enthusiasm.

Benjamin Sharbono

Innovation Manager

Ideas don’t come easy, and are often even harder to refine. Enter in Benjamin; both creating his own ideas, and managing the process of refining others, this mans mind is a real powerhouse.

NightSong Network

The Best People
Bleeding Edge Innovations combined together

Whether it is to inquire about what it means to be a member, joining our network, or engaging one of our very own, we welcome you to reach out to us at any time.

Bringing together the brightest and the most talented will always bring about something new and exciting.

Members & Affiliates

Individuals, Organizations, and Companies alike are welcome to become members. Below you will find our members and esteemed affiliates listed.

NightSong Designs, LLC


Rogue Dev Studios, LLC